CoolKid Gift Guide: The Best Stocking Stuffer List EVER

Ok, this may be overzealous of us, but we have scoured the inter webs, the local toy stores, the random party stores, and everywhere in between to bring you THE most complete, the most amazing, the truly seriously best stocking stuffer list ever created.

We have read all other lists, every year, and always find them lacking or a bit off the mark for what our CoolKids are digging these days.  Behold….the one the only, the list to end them all, the Best Stocking Stuffer List EVER!

  1.  Gummy Sloths – Need no explanation.  Sloths are everything.  Trolli Sour gummies are everything.  This is epic. gummi sloth
  2. Nano block mini animals– Smaller than legos, sure to keep little fingers busy while you finish your last REM cycle before chaos ensues. nana block
  3. Jacks– call me old fashioned, but the game jacks has never gone out of style.  I love the metal jacks and small red ball, trickier and more nostalgic than current modern replicas. jacks.jpg
  4. Hand sanitizer with special covers/holders- hear me out.  Useful and cute?  An unusual splurge that doesn’t typically happen, these cute holders are the extra pop that makes the hand sanitizer stocking stuffer-worthy. sanitizer
  5. Keepsake playing cards- my kids love playing cards, but with the paper boxes usually torn within a few uses, the cards end up everywhere and the set rendered incomplete.  This cute leather case plus the card deck inside?
  6. Mechanical pencils– any CoolKid Mama with middle schoolers and upper elementary grade kiddos knows how coveted these mechanical pencils become. mech pencils.jpg
  7. Zombie finger puppetsZombie finger puppets– glow in the dark, zombies, imaginative play all together for the win! zombi
  8. Chocolate kinder hippo– these are a unique treat that my kids find in their stockings every year.  Mama might sneak one here and there as well! hippo.jpg
  9. Touch bubbles- this is kind of an obvious one, bubbles that you can actually catch are so much fun. bubbles
  10. Body soap for boys, facial scrub for girls.  Keep those tweens and teens smelling good and skin clear!
  11. Cupcake surprise doll– scented, cupcake turns mini doll?  Yes please. cupcake doll.jpg
  12. Mood Ring– bringing me back to 1992 with each color change.  Must have for every tween/teen girl. mood rfing
  13. Favorite gift cards- think outside the normal target and pickup a craft store gift card for girls or a special treat for boys, my son is heavily addicted to Out the Dough (Cookie dough served as ice cream) so that is going in his stocking.
  14. An orange- a la Velveteen Rabbit, one of our favorite stories to read.  Simple, classic, sweet and a good dose of produce among all the chocolate and candy.
  15. Gold coins- go to any bank and they can exchange regular dollars for gold coin dollars.  A fun twist on money and a special something for the toe of the stocking.



That should fill the stocking to the brim and give you a few extra minutes of shut eye before the festivities begin!  Tag us on instagram with your #coolkidchristmas photos so we can see how you spend the holiday and what special traditions you share with your loved ones!

xoxo Blessings,

CoolKid Mama


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