CoolKid Lifestyle: New Year, New Resolve

whew!  2017 flew by, especially the christmas rush, the blink and you miss it New Year’s Eve, the cleanup, the declutter, the deep clean.  there is always something to accomplish, a box to check, a task to tackle.

don’t get me wrong, over at coolkid we are doing all the things to start this year off right and with a fresh perspective.  we are just moving a bit slower, more intentionally, and focusing on big picture goals for our homes, our kids, our schedules and our why.

here are some of our to do items just with a different spin:

  1.  analyze our space: let go of items that no longer serve us or bring joy- a la Marie Condo- and work room by room to create a more useful and pleasing space.  we are starting with kids bedrooms to clear places for the new Christmas loot.  Then working in master bedroom, kitchen, living spaces and finally bathrooms.  clearing extra dishes that clutter our cupboards, donating clothes that have been hanging for way too long unworn, creating a space where everything has a home and can be easily kept up.

2.  schedule in rest periods and self care/wish        list items:  schedules are usually filled with kids sports, meetings, school field trips, maintenance items, work related tasks, and so much more.  rarely do we physically schedule down time, relaxation periods, fun projects, hobbies or self care means.  2018 is the year of time; spending it intentionally and refusing to spin our wheels just to check boxes.  we are settling into routines while also knowing when to step off the wheel and just be in our space, with our loved ones, shutting off the noises that beckon us back to ‘busy’.

3.  travel:  whether staycation, vacation, road trip, international trip, service/mission trip, hike, bike or boat.  we are reigniting our desire to explore the world around us- near and far.  we have some fun globetrotter series coming up with a trip to Germany and Poland this fall, so we hope to inspire you to put a trip on your calendar and work to make it happen.  it’s easy to make excuses as to why things cannot be, but we are refuting these feelings of impossibility with action.  we are making things happen this year, in everyday life and on larger endeavors.  join us!  tell us about your plans and bring us along on your trips!  we love sharing in where you are going.

4.  engage: find our tribe.  motherhood and household management can sometimes feel overwhelming to the point of isolation.  it has become easier to disappear within our home and family management and forget to schedule time with friends, other mamas, mentors, heck even family sometimes.  we are recommitting to connection within our community and circles.  send those dinner invitations, make the park dates happen, have that girls coffee and shopping outing.  these important connections can often go by the wayside amidst the hectic schedules we are allowing to consume us.  recenter and let your purpose dictate your actions.  we are called to community, and it all starts with us.  be the one to reach out, you won’t regret it.

5.  create a tradition that we haven’t had the wherewithal to follow through with.  We have always wanted to celebrate moments big and small, but always seem just out of reach when we are so ‘busy’ with life.  we are focusing on one holiday per month to celebrate.  next up is Valentine’s Day.  we are giving ourselves permission to go all out and take time away from the everyday to celebrate the extraordinary and really make our loved ones feel special.  gifts, extravagant meals, words of encouragement, special outings, one on one time.  whatever makes our tribe feel loved is what we will do.  go for it!


we are excited and hopeful that 2018 will be our best year yet- personally and professionally.  we are teaming up with some amazing brands to showcase their products which have become some of our favorites.  we will have some new elements such as a style piece, kids organization ideas, more product testing, home design updates and of course more of the same!  globetrotter, on the fence, about town, coolkid cares: all new content coming soon.


thank you for being on this journey with us.  we love following your lives as well and are so inspired by the authentic lives you are leading!


charge on mamas!



coolkid mama


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