CoolKid Gifted: 20 Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Here at CoolKid, we pride ourselves on turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Being average isn’t good enough, it is always worth the extra effort to see the glimmer of excitement in the eyes of our children when we manage to go the extra mile.

Christmas is 30 days away and what better way to kickoff the countdown than to share our list of the absolute raddest, tried and tested 20 Best stocking Stuffers For Kids of All Ages.

1. Golden Dollar Coins– you can get these from the bank and are so much cooler and more unique than your average paper money.  They look like they could’ve come straight from the North Pole.

2.  Luchadores Thumb Covers– Kids of every age 1 to 100 can enjoy a thumb wrestling game.  Add some pizzazz with these fun thumb ‘masks’.

3. Ninja Chopsticks– these are guaranteed to entertain even the most seasoned chopstick pro, who doesn’t love a ninja?

4.  Mystical Fire– for those backyard firepit nights or campfires in the great outdoors, these are sure to cue the ooohs and aaahhhhs.

5. Origami– the art of paper folding is definitely a relic of the past, bring it back with fun printed paper like this tokidoki set.

6. Rubik’s Cube– this puzzle is challenging and engaging, and seems to always come back around even for the older crowd.

7. Magic 8 Ball– these are fun to display and equally fun to ask silly questions.

8. Hot Chocolate Spoons– we always indulge in special treats around the holidays, and this one is a favorite.

9. Milk Frothing Wand– to make the hot chocolate extra foamy just like Mama’s latte, these tools are a hit.  Bumps up the cool factor of even a plain glass of milk.

10. Stabilo Pen Set–  these pens are fun to write with, neat to roll up and stash in a travel bag and the color palette covers all the bases and then some.

11. Bath bombs– boys and girls alike can enjoy the fizz and pop of these all natural bath bombs.  Added bonus they smell amazing and leave skin creamy and soft.

12. Animal Face Masks–  these fun face masks are all the rage and actually do moisturize the skin.  Everyone  can enjoy these animal versions!

13. Mini Hand sanitizers– win win for parents and kids, keep their hands germ free with yummy scents and cute packaging.

14. Brain Quest Cards– great for road trips or dinner table conversations, these are educational and fun!

15. Battery Operated Toothbrush– always a favorite for kids big and small.

16. Bookmark with Timer– keep track of reading minutes and save their place, fun gadgets make everything better.

17.  Small Notebook– doodling, writing notes and reminders, drawing pictures are all fun when done inside your own personal notebook.

18. Original Slinky– a nostalgic sure to be hit.  Many kids today haven’t seen one of these in the flesh.  Bring back the good ol’ days, just add stairs!

19. Tegu Magnetic Block Set– portable for restaurant delays or road trips, magnetic means less likely to lose all the pieces.

20.  Animal Figurines– add a fun reindeer to the animal collection.  Kids of all ages play with these animals, just in different ways as they grow.


Hope this gave you you some ideas and will make your kiddos eyes sparkle come a Christmas morning.  As always, leave any must haves that I may be forgetting in the comments!



CoolKid Mama


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