CoolKid Top 10: Must Haves When Traveling With Kids

Here at CoolKid we are all about bringing you the latest and greatest items that will make your life a little easier- and today we are breaking down the absolute must haves when traveling with your own little CoolKids.

Besides the obvious such as snacks, iPads, books, play doh, bubble gum, ibuprofen etc, we are taking it a bit further and hopefully showing you some items you haven’t seen before that will change your travel experience for the better.

If there are any items you feel are missing from this list – please let us know!  Comment, email, tag us on instagram and use hashtag #CoolKidTravelHacks and we would love to see what you can’t live without these days.

Without further ado….Here are the CoolKid Top 10 Must Have When Traveling With Kids….


  1.  ZincFlyte Scooter/Suitcase combo–  Talk about a game changer.  This scooter/suitcase combo makes traveling through airports and to and from hotels a breeze and FUN instead of a boring chore.  Kids will beg to scoot and will love having their own suitcase.  Trust us – win win here.zincflyte
  2. Inflatable leg rest– This allows your CoolKid to extend their legs and actually creates enough space for them to cuddle up and sleep more comfortably than the airplane seat currently allows.  Blow up so get your lungs ready, but super compact when deflated.footrest
  3. Mifold booster seat– Another invention that just makes the carseat switch a no brainer.  This folds up and can fit easily in a backpack so you don’t have to pay extra for car seats when renting a car, plus don’t have to deal with the nastiness of a community carseat. mifold
  4. Tux armrest buddy- Anything that makes sleeping on long flights more bearable is worth exploring.  This armrest buddy inflates and turns any armrest into a comfortable pillow.   Also comes with cozy travel blanket.  Genius. tux armrest
  5. Stainless Steel Personalizable bracelets – When traveling with little kids who don’t yet know mom’s phone number, these are a stylish way to keep important information attached to your CoolKid.  Can be personalized with phone numbers, allergies, really up to you.                                                                                                                   id bracelet
  6. Go Adventure Journal– A travel journal for littles that is engaging and actually gives them a way to track their trip through visuals and prompts geared for their age.  These are fun to look back on previous trips and see what stood out in their minds. go journal
  7. Hydroflask with stickers to decorate- for $6.99 on amazon you can purchase 100 random stickers (moms need to sift through first because they do have some inappropriate gesture stickers snuck in there!  FYI).  This is a great activity to do on the plane- each CoolKid gets a hydroflask or other stainless steel water bottle and can spend time decorating with stickers of their choosing.  Busy work, small motor skill development, also having a water bottle handy is definitely necessary when traveling and cruising the cities.  Water can be expensive at markets so filling up where you can in your own bottle saves money and keeps everyone hydrated.
  8. Portable Kids Urinal – Not sure about your CoolKids, but ours sometimes aren’t comfortable going to the bathroom in strange places.  This is kind of gross, but super handy for times when bathrooms are inaccessible or the urge hits and it becomes an emergency.         urinal for kids
  9. Pocket Chair – for when those little feet just can’t take another step, this pocket (or more like backpack) sized chair can come in handy.             pocket chair
  10. MediBuddy Child First Aid Kit– These are great to stick in each CoolKid’s backpack so there is no shortage of bandaids for boo boos on the go.    Also can be entertainment when all other options have been exhausted!medibuddy


Here’s to happy travels and hopefully easier travels thanks to the items above.  Tag us on instagram @coolkidenterprises with your travel photos and we will pick a winner to send one of the above items to!



CoolKid Mama


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