CoolKid Holiday: Daily Dose of Christmas Gratitude

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  The days of thankfulness seem to be over, Facebook posts proclaiming thanksgiving for such simple things as morning coffee and an extra hour of sleep have stopped.  December 1st comes and the consumer in all of us comes out and begins the dash.  Dashing to find the perfect Christmas tree, dashing to decorate the most beautiful mantle, dashing to purchase the most unique and perfect presents.  All of this dashing leaves little room for real reflection on the true meaning of Christmas.  The true reason for the season is Jesus Christ and his immaculate birth that happened in a lowly stable over 2000 years ago.  My prayer for you this holiday season is that you find peace in the margins, as spoken by my pastor this past Sunday.  Find the peace of Christ amidst the chaos of the Christmas season, and keep your heart focused on the true gift.  I have compiled a countdown to Christmas with daily prayers, proclaiming God’s glory and thanking and praising Him for all we have, all we are and all of the blessings we are able to pour out as a result of God’s blessing upon our lives.


December 11, 2014

Dear God, thank you for this beautiful season of Christmas to reflect upon your birth and your life through Jesus Christ who was born on this day over 2000 years ago.  Keep your son in the forefront of our minds during this season.  Lord thank you for the innumerable blessings you have poured upon me from the house we live in to the food we eat, the health of our family or Your grace in the midst of suffering.  God may we recognize you in the middle of it all – good and bad, glorious and desperate.  Comfort us so that we may comfort others, guide us so that we may guide others in your ways and truths.  Lord I ask these things in Your Son’s precious name.

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