CoolKid Adventures: Get Outside!

So many days are a blend of shuttling children to and fro, busy completing tasks and check offs that MUST be done.  When was the last time you took a ‘ditch day’ from everyday tasks and just went exploring with your CoolKid?

There are so many lessons to be learned and experiences to enrich us- if we just escape the daily grind and go looking for adventure!

Here are our favorite outdoor and oft overlooked day trips that are sure to shake things up and incite lots of laughter and true soul cleansing for both you and your CoolKid.  Enjoy, pick an activity and Get Outside!

1.  Fort Barry, Sausalito.  This site houses the remains of an old military stronghold.  Complete with creepy jail cells and beautiful views, you and the kids will enjoy exploring, immersing yourselves and using your imaginations.


2.  San Francisco Zoo.  Self explanatory.  This zoo has exceptional walking loops, just long enough but not so long your toddler will sputter out.  Be sure to catch the 11:00am Grizzly Bear feeding, it’s must see!  Also many places to take breaks and use bathrooms from the Children’s farm to the bug habitat.  Lastly, always bring jackets as the weather is 10 degrees colder here than anywhere else in the city.


3.  Tilden Farm, Berkeley.  This farm is the perfect size for CoolTots.  The animals are ridiculously friendly, so if you have ever wanted to pet a cow’s tongue, you are in luck!  Bring your own lettuce to feed the animals and enjoy a bit of the farm vibe that we are all lacking.  The visitor’s center is pretty engaging as well.  Free admission.


4.  Lafayette Reservoir.  Not as much to do or see here, but it is a beautiful loop for early morning walks.  Pretty views of lush trees and shrubs line the paths of this body of water.  There are some pretty fun and steep hills to run up and down!  A playground for kids finishes the walk to eek out the last bit of energy hiding within your CoolKid.


5.  Old Oakland Farmer’s Market.  Yummy produce and handmade fineries line 9th street during the weekly market.  The prices are great, the samples are flowing, and the handmade items are top notch.  The honey is everything!  This is a perfect way to spend a morning, thenhead over for brunch at one of the adjacent restaurants.  They are all delicious!  Don’t forget to grab a Blue Bottle Coffee Co. cold brew to keep your pep.


We hope you are inspired to create your own list of regular and not so regular GET OUTSIDE activities.  Something about fresh air, giggling children, cold coffee, and new experiences that just makes for a delightful way to spend the day.


-CoolKid Mama

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