CoolKid Cheat Sheet: SF Free Tuesdays Guide

We love teaching our children in many ways and through many experiences.  Art, history, culture, music; these are all avenues we explore with our kids as often as possible.  Sometimes, paying $65 per ticket for a family of 7 sounds pretty discouraging, especially if you want to be a regular on the arts scene.  We have found a way to affordably expose our children to such wonderful performances from broadway touring companies to children’s theater, symphonies to museums.  We couldn’t do it without a few of our favorite discount hacks.  The hard part is deciding which tickets NOT to purchase!

One way we are able to afford to take our children to the aforementioned exhibits and performances is through the website  You can search Goldstar by location, which is great when you are a CoolKid who gets around to different cities.  Gold star has a vast selection of plays, musicals, comedy, concerts, etc. on their  website at discounted rates.  Usually, last minute deals are going to be your greatest savings.  Some events you can book months in advance, which is great for those of you who need longer to plan. is another website that offers local tickets and fare at a discounted rate.  From ice cream coupons to vacations, Groupon proves to be a reliable and affordable choice for those who want to explore with their kids through cuisine, the arts, and cultural experiences.

Another way we can explore museums is through the Free Tuesday and Free Wednesday programs in and around San Francisco.  Since tomorrow is the first Tuesday in August, we have scoured all of our resources to come up with the best and most complete list of Free Tuesday and Free Wednesday museums and exhibits.

Free Tuesday for Tuesday August 1, 2017

  1.  Conservatory of Flowers
  2. Contemporary Jewish Museum
  3. de Young
  4. Legion of Honor
  5. Museum of Craft and Design
  6. Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
  7. California Historical Society
  8. Cartoon Art Museum
  9. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)

Free Wednesday for Wednesday, August 2, 2017

  1. Bay Area Discovery Museum
  2. Japanese Tea Garden San Francsico
  3. Exploratorium


Follow us on Instagram @coolkidenterprises tomorrow, August 1st, as we tackle the crowds at the Legion of Honor.  We will be documenting the experience in our stories to give you a real perspective on what to expect when attending free museum days.

We hope this inspires your inner CoolKid to get out there and show your children the arts you love!


CoolKid Mama


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