CoolKid Soirees: Pinkalicious Pony 4th Birthday

Over the top themed children’s parties are here to stay, but that doesn’t mean themes have to be limited by the aisles at Party City or websites like Oriental Trading Company.  Themes can be created by texture, color, food and activities.  However, if you are able to find a lovely woman who brings her gorgeous ponies to birthday parties, combined with a sweet line of pink pony themed paper plates and napkins, you might have the beginnings of one adorable pink pony birthday party.  There is no one stop shopping when putting together a beautiful soiree on a budget.  Here are the CoolKid top 5 tips for putting together the perfect party that kids love, parents envy, and stays on budget.

  1.  Think outside the box.  Purchase items such as tablecloths and/or cloth napkins from a restaurant supply store, instead of one use plastic cloths.  Having a stash of reusable party goods helps the budget as the birthday seasons come around.  Primary colors and pastels are a good place to start, along with your basic black and white.  Then, no matter the theme, you have your base for the tables cape.  Also, themes can be a simple as a color scheme.  Don’t feel as though you need to pick a theme that has a matching paper party good section.  Try here for good deals on these polyester tablecloths.


2.  Pretty up the food table.  Once gain, an inexpensive tip that takes your treats up a notch.  Using wooden found items and trays kicks this food table from simple to pulled together.  Tying in color and theme (ponies in this case), we pulled together a beautiful food table that incorporated sugar rimmed mason jars for the pink lemonade, apples and carrots (for the ponies of course), easy uncrustables frozen sandwiches and of course cupcakes baked to look like ice cream cones.  Keep it simple, but kick it up with serving pieces and themed touches.  One great resource for rustic touches or serving pieces is this website.


3.  Personalize Personalize Personalize!  Photographs of the birthday girl are always an easy and inexpensive way to personalize and tie everything together.  Typically, a string of photos depicting the birthday child at each year of their life, or a simple string of black and whites taken a day or two before the party, both are great.  This is one way to leave a lasting impression on guests that is budget friendly.


4.  Fancy equals fun.  Who doesn’t like the added touch of a sparkly rim on an other wise simple and plain mason jar?  The girls were thrilled to be drinking from these glasses.  We bought a flavored rim sugar from BevMo (non alcoholic of course) and took these cups from dull to divine.  Special glasses or napkins, a fancy cut sandwich or something as simple as fun straws all take the party from ordinary to special.


5.  DIY is not the devil.  Try to pick and choose which items for the party you will be spending the most time/money on, and then try to simplify some items.  Many years we will get a beautiful cake from a bakery that is theme specific, multi tier, etc.  This theme lent itself to a homemade cake, which was cute as button and easy to execute!  Pony cake DIY here.



This party was a huge success and included pony rides, pony themed story time, pony snacks and pink as far as the eye can see.  These few tips above can be applied to any party and can help relieve stress by simplifying and streamlining the most important aspects of a great party.  Post pictures of your soirees and tag us on Instagram @coolkidenterprises or use #coolkidsoirees to share.  Looking forward to seeing these tips in action!



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