CoolKid Tested: Sili Squeeze

Here at CoolKid we are always looking for ways to reduce waste and eat fresh on the go.  The people over at Sili Squeeze have combined these two ideas perfectly.  You know those disposable pouches of baby food that are touted as all natural, organic, and fresh?  Yeah, well come to find out they have […]

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CoolKids: What does it mean?

CoolKid [Koo-l-Kid):  Any child, anywhere, without limits.  Boundless and free, yet rooted.  The dreamers, the thinkers, the doers.  Life’s greatest recipients.  The future.  The brave.  Tomorrow’s darlings.  Each child embodies the possibilities of a sunrise.  Out to chase the sunset. At CoolKid, the aim is to bring you the things in life that will enrich your […]

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