CoolKid Soirees: Super Sleuth Spy Soiree

What little boy doesn’t dream of becoming a professional Spy or FBI Agent?!  When my soon to be 5 year old started requesting a spy themed party I knew I better get my ducks in a row.  Once he makes up his mind, there is usually no changing it.  At first, I was a little nervous, as I could not find too many ideas on Pinterest or Oriental Trading Company.  Every mom knows parties without themed accents are a major fail in today’s world.  It is in the details where the magic lies.  I began pinning and planning.  I was able to locate a Secret Agent themed  pack of plates/utensils/napkins/cups which was overpriced on Amazon but very necessary!  If my baby wanted a spy party, a spy party he would get!


When the kids first arrived, they were given their Spy name and created a badge with their new name and fingerprints, which they wore around the party.  Simple badge holders and clips, along with a trusty printable on card stock, ink, and done!  The kids enjoyed hearing and seeing their spy names.  I would say this was a cute idea, but the kids were a little young to truly use and make this more of an event.  Still glad I did it 🙂


Next was an activity that was a hit with the little ones, but ended up a huge mess for me! I ordered the Gel Baff to create a small tub of slime/goo to hide treasures in and have the kids find them.  I put gold coins, keychains, rubber mini toys, etc inside the gel baff, which I had mixed into one of those inflatable salad bar things.  It looked and seemed like a great idea!  The kids had a blast!!  However, my floors and subsequently my backyard DID NOT!  I had a bucket of water for the kids to wash their hands and it all turned to Gel!  This was a messy activity, that I was not properly prepared for.  The kids loved it, so I think if prepared, this would be a great addition.

After the gel baff debauchery, I brought the kiddos back inside to do a bomb deactivation.  I had blown up hundreds of black balloons and to the tune of Mission Impossible, the kids had to stomp the balloons to deactivate the bombs.  This was a hit!  Although who would’ve thought it would take 12 kids a mere 9 minutes to decimate all those balloons.  On to the next!


The tables cape was set up with children’s height table and chairs, covered with a simple black tablecloth.  Then, because I was not finding any decor items, I decided to create these images and print them out to lay on the tables and string up around our house.  The tables were set so each new spy could disguise himself in his sunglasses and go unnoticed.

Time flew by and it was time for cake and presents which always seems to hold the attention of the 5 and under crowd.

This was a fun at home party with a unique theme that just worked.  My son gave me heart eyes when seeing all of the decorations, so in my book, SUCCESS!  The kids had fun and I was able to chat with some great parents too, so I think it was a win for all.



Happy Birthday to my Marshall Duke!



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