CoolKid Tested: Fab Five Gifts for Tween Boys

Target is stocked with shelves of plastic noisemakers that I would prefer NOT come into my home, but there are some gems hidden as well.  I wish I could have all the money back that we have spent on toys that ended up sitting around until they hit the Goodwill pile.  So many toys out there look great and seem neat, but then don’t really have the attributes that will get them some serious play time.  I have been trying to stay away from video games for the most part and find gifts that allow imagination.  I have rounded up our Fab Five Gifts for Tween Boys that will not disappoint (you or your CoolKid!).

  1.  Books.  I know, not cool Mama.  Hear me out.  My son has been an avid reader and certain books have the ability to entice him to read them over and over.  Harry Potter Series, Fifth Wave series, The Maze Runner series.  These are all books that have held my son’s attention, and he has re-read them again and again.  I recommend adding in a fun accessory like a wizard wand or cool maze game to round out the gift and make it a little more exciting at first glance.  Or if you want to splurge a little bit, consider a Kindle, preloaded with some of these favorites.


2.  Nerf Guns.  Ok I just basically obliterated Target and its product stocked toy section.  These are the few plastic, loud, annoying toys that my son WILL NOT let me get rid of.  He still asks for the current models and truly plays with Nerf guns on a regular basis.  Yes I am usually the target, either me or an unsuspecting sibling, but if you want your tween son to give you major kudos, let him unwrap this on his next birthday.



3.  Concert Tickets.  Our kids love music and have their favorite artists that are constantly playing thru Alexa in our home.  One gift that made an impact and a memory was the gift of concert tickets, where my son could bring 2 friends and we would drag them to hear their favorite band.  I am always checking Goldstar for upcoming local events.  This gift would be made sweeter with and iTunes gift card and band t-shirt.  I like Imagine Dragons because they are a mormon group of kids who keep their music pretty clean.

Imagine Dragons Perform at Bud Light Hotel_2

4.  Amazon Alexa.  I received this for Christmas and love having it in the kitchen to ask for weather forecasts, play jeopardy, listen to music, add items to my running list, and the “this day in history” feature is pretty rad.  My kids actually seemed to be using my Alexa more than me, so I purchased the smaller Echo for my son for his birthday.  He absolutely loves it for all of the aforementioned capabilities.  Definitely a HIT!.



5.  Board and Outdoor Games.  This might be an obvious choice, but there have been many games indoor and outdoor that sit and get no action.  Then there are those that my son goes back to play again and again.  Spike Ball, Ticket to Ride, Monopoly, Chess, Stratego.  These are on constant repeat in our home.  They don’t take long to learn and can be played with as few as 2 people.  Definitely worth it and fun for kids and tweens (and parents!!) alike.



Honorable mentions: 

a.  Sports Gear- Nike Elite socks, Ethika underwear, Sports Jerseys, new cleats.  Put this with tickets to a sporting event and voila!  Instant tween happiness.  Just try not to embarrass your kid while cheering loudly for the opposing team.

b.  Beats headphones.  Obvious but fool proof.  They can listen to their music and you don’t have to. I would recommend wired headphones, because it eliminates the need for charging (and losing the charger).  Winning!




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